Congratulations to one of Trials team fighters Sam “Bam” who won her fight against Courtney King at Sunday’s SCL Summer Brawl at the Grizzly Rose.

Sam Gilliand vs. Courtney King in a 135 lb. fight. Gilliand threw several head kicks, the second of which was caught for a takedown by King. Gilliand was able to come to standing and the rest of the round was fought in the clinch against the cage. Round two was all standing with good action both in and out of the clinch with several strong flurries from both fighters. Round three had a very fast pace to begin with both fighters landing significant strikes until Gilliand landed knee to the face. On the restart Gilliand landed a flurry of knees until King tried for a takedown that was defended. On the restart both fighters stepped forward and landed strong combinations with each able to hurt the other. They entered the clinch and worked dirty boxing until the bell ended the fight. The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Sam Gilliand.


Also fighting were Laura Dettman and Coach Brian Scraper.

Laura Dettman vs. Mallory Martin in a 115 lb. fight. The fight went to the mat early with Martin on top and she spent the entire round there controlling position and working occasional GNP. Round two was almost a replay of round one with Martin again scoring a takedown by of jumping guard. Dettman escaped the guillotine attempt but was swept and the round ended with Martin in mount working GNP and submission attempts. Round three had two takedowns from Martin and on the ground she controlled position until the bell ended the round. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Mallory Martin.

Main event: Brian Scraper vs. Chris Trammell in a 185 lb. professional Muay Thai fight. Round one had Scraper throwing very technical strikes as Trammell was active with flashy techniques. Round two saw Scraper landing with more accuracy and higher volume while Trammell scored with the more powerful punches. Round three was a fast pace with back and forth action as Scraper looked to be the busier fighter as Trammell landed very poserful combinations. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Chris Trammell.


Trials MMA is very proud of our fighters who have worked extremely hard in the last months. It doesn’t always end in a win but like Brian Scraper very appropriately quoted “Losing isn’t the same as being defeated. Just as winning isn’t the same as being successful. A true warrior will know the difference.” -Kevin Ross