Congratulations to Trials MMA fighter Dante Florez for winning his fight at last Friday’s RFA 16 against Zack McChesney in a 185lbs bout.

“I have respect for my opponent. Zack is one of the toughest 185lbs in Colorado” Florez mentioned on Facebook.

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“The fighters clinched almost immediately with both working dirty boxing. Momentarily the fight hit the mat but quickly they stood and worked more in the clinch with each able to land solid knees. It went to the mat with Florez on top from where he worked GNP. McChesney worked to top position for GNP as Florez tried for a shoulder crank from the bottom. Round two went to the clinch immediately and the fighters traded strikes until Florez landed an accidental knee to the groin. On the restart the fighters again clinched and both worked dirty boxing and knees. Florez sat to the mat to try for a Kimura but McChesney defended and worked to advance position. Both fighters worked GNP until the bell ended the round. Round three had good striking from both fighters to open the round until Florez scored a take down. McChesney quickly got back to standing anf the fighters worked strikes against the cage. Florez scored a take down and he worked between GNP and improving his position until the bell ended the fight. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Dante Florez.”