Two amazing Trials MMA warriors stepped into the cage last weekend at SCL’S 40 event at the Grizzly Rose in Denver – one of them accepted his opponent with 8 day notice!!! Both lost but delivered great fights and showed even better spirits after:

“I lost a decision to a tough opponent but I got a lot out of this fight as a learning experience and I’m happy with my performance. My next fight with be an MMA fight and I’m excited to put it all together again, with more than 8 days notice.” – Kris Hocum

“Lost guys. I will be back.” – Dante Florez


Here are the fight clips:


Fight recap (source:

SCL 40: Dante Florez vs. Ian Heinisch in a 185 lb. professional fight. The fight hit the mat lmost immediately by way of a Heinisch takedown and on the mat he controlled position and worked GNP until he landed a strike to the back of the head. The referee stood the fighters and Heinisch landed an overhand right that dropped Florez. Heinisch followed Florez to the mat to flurry with GNP and Heinisch scored the TKO win at 3:06 of round one.

SCL 40: Kris Hocum vs. Terrance Moore in a 180 lb. professional Muay Thai fight. Round one had even striking with each fighter mixing their strikes well with both landing good punches and Moore scoring with teep kicks and Hocum flashing several head kicks. Round two had a faster pace with more combinations and intensity with Moore mixing in elbow strikes in his attack. Round three was fought with a measured pace with each scoring with solid techniques and Moore scoring well with weveral flurries. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Terrance Moore.