Another great win for Trials MMA by fighter Ian Stonehouse at Fight to Win Fight Club in Denver.

Ian Stonehouse 5 Ian Stonehouse

“Landing vicious elbow strikes showing off his devastating ground and pound skills” Coach Ed Herman posted after Stonehouse’s win.

Ian’s fight review (Source:

Fight Club: Ian Stonehouse vs. Justin Moss in a 155 lb. professional fight. The fighters clinched and off of the cage Stonehouse scored a takedown. On the mat Moss worked to close off a guillotine choke but Stonehouse escaped and worked GNP. Moss defended, reset another guillotine choke, but Stonehouse again escaped and flurried with strikes to get the TKO win at 1:47 of round one.

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“I learned to have fun again out there! That’s what it’s all about. If you’re not finding a way to enjoy everything then what’s the point.” Great fight, great win and well said Ian Stonehouse!