Trials is unstoppable!! Our warriors put their hard training to use and showed off their skills at Sparta Combat League’s “Bad Blood” at the Grizzly Rose in Denver this past Saturday! John, Jake and Sam brought home a 3-0 score! Amazing fighters delivering amazing performances!


Here are videos and recaps of the fights (Source

Pictures coming soon.


John Decrescenzo vs. Justin Parker in a 125 lb. fight. Decrescenzo immediately took the fight to the mat and worked for position to set up several submission attempts. initially Parker was able to defend, but in a scramble Decrescenzo set in an armbar that he locked out for the submission victory at :43 of round one.


Jake Mendez vs. Ben Lugo in a 145 lb. fight. The fighters worked striking from a distance until Mendez scored a takedown. On the mat both fighters worked position with Mendez eventually being able to set in an armbar that he locked out for the win with the tapout coming at 2:05 of round one.


Sam Gilliland vs. Gigi Good in a 135 lb. title fight. The fighters worked primarily against the cage with each landing solid punches and knees. A point was deducted from Good after a second instance of her fingers going into the eyes of her opponent. Near the end of the round the fight hit the mat briefly, but they came back to standing as the bell ended the round. Round two had multiple takedowns from Gilliland with her trying for seversl submissions that were defended well by Good until the bell ended the round. Round three was all standning action, both in and out of the clinch with each fighter landing solid strikes and neither having a decided advantage. The scorecards were read and the title winner by unanimous decision was Sam Gilliland.