What a fantastic fight night…truly a night to remember for Trials MMA and our 5 warriors!!! Sparta Combat League’s “When Champions Collide” event this past Saturday at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, CO did not disappoint. Trials MMA fighters David O’Brien, Dave Clarkson, Sam “Bam” Gilliland, Jake “Snake” Mendez and Brian “Superman” Scraper stepped into the cage and delivered more than just highly entertaining fights. It was obvious, all of them poured their heart and soul into every single second of their fight. Win or Loss – We are very proud of our fighters and their performances. Special Congratulations to David and Dave on winning their Debut fights – what a huge accomplishment!


Here are pictures (Source: CM Photo) and summaries of all fights (Source: mmabuzz.com)

1. Fight of the night: David O’Brien:

Aaron Lopez vs. David O’Brien in a 125 lb. fight. Lopez landed a hard body kick but O’Brien trapped it, got a takedown and from the top he set in a Kimura to get the tapout victory at :38 of round one.



2. Fight of the night: Dave Clarkson:

Lee Oliveros vs. Dave Clarkson in a 185 lb. fight. The fighters clinched early and off of the cage Clarkson scored a takedown but in his GNP attack he landed an accidental elbow to the back of the head. On the restartthe fighters went to the mat momentarily but they worked to standing to work dirty boxing until the ten second clacker sounded and the fighters separated and each threw a strong punching flurry. Round two had Clarkson landing a hard overhand right to stun Oliveros. Clarkson put the fight to the mat, secured an RNC and after flattening his opponent Clarkson got the submission victory at :51 of round two.



5. Fight of the night: Sam “Bam” Gilliland:

Kathryn Yost vs. Sam Gilliland in a 135 lb. fight. Round one began with a head kick from Gilliland before she took it to the mat to work GNP and submission attempts. Yost worked to standing and the fighters clinched and worked dirty boxing with Gilliland being able to mix in knees to the body until the bell ended the round. Round two had Gilliland rocking Yost with punches before landing a multitude of strikes in the clinch. With Yost against the cage Gilliland landed a punch combination that dropped Yost. Gilliland scored the walk-off TKO at :42 of round two.



7. Fight of the night: Jake “Snake” Mendez:

Jordan Titoni vs. Jake Mendez in a 145 lb. fight. Mendez scored first with a slick turning back kick but Titoni answered with a takedown and on the ground he worked to back control to sink the fight ending RNC with the tapout coming at 1:08 of round one.



Main Event of the Night: Brian “Superman” Scraper:

Main event: Brian Scraper vs. Chris Trammell in a 185 lb. professional Muay Thai title fight. Round one had an exceptionally fast pace with both fighters throwing all of the power they could in their strikes with Scraper pushing the action as the round wore on. Round two had Trammell scoring an early knock down then the rest of the round played out with Scraper landing more with accuracy and volume while Trammell worked power strikes. Round three had multiple back and forth exchanges with both fighters giving their all. Scraper staggered Trammell with a punch then landed a kick to score a knock down. On the restart Trammell pressured forward and was able to drop Scraper. Scraper came to his feet but the referee waved off the fight giving the title winning TKO to Chris Trammell at 2:33 of round three.

Brian Brian 2


MMABUZZ’s “Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to David O’Brien for his :38 Kimura victory.

TKO of the night goes to Sam Gilliland for her walk-off first round TKO.

Fight of the night goes to Brian Scraper and Chris Trammell for their Main Event title fight that showcased the conditioning, skill and heart of both fighters.


“Don’t fear failure – Not failure but low aim is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” Bruce Lee