It was a very successful night for Trials MMA’s fighters at the Army vs. Marines Event this past Saturday at the Budweiser Event Center. It started with Laura Dettman’s win on the Day card and was beautifully finished by Kris Hocum’s Co-Main Event win. Between those we watched Jerrod Hardy dominate with a first round TKO, as well as ‘Fight of the Night’ and Title Fight winner Sam “Bam” Gilliland adding another one to her undefeated score. The atmosphere and vibe was amazing as hundreds of fans (lots of red Hardy T-shirts) cheered for our fighters in support. The fights were also an admirable effort to raise awareness and support for the Leypoldt family whose sons are battling Fahr’s Disease.

Please find following summaries and pictures of the fights:


1. Laura Dettman

Fight For The Troops: Laura Dettman vs. Cecilia Martinez in a 120 lb. boxing fight. Round one was even action with Dettman landing combinations with speed and Martinez working power strikes. Round two had Dettman using good footwork to enter to prolonged combinations including a flurry that stunned Martinez and earned an 8 count. Round three had Martinez starting with a long flurry of power punches and Dettman answering with speed. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Laura Dettman.

Laura AVMLaura AVM 1 Laura AVM 2 Laura AVM 3


2. Jerrod Hardy

Anthony Arrieta vs. Jerrod Hardy in a 155 lb. fight. Hardy immediately pressured forward with hard punches. Arrieta clinched and tried for a takedown but Hardy controlled the fall, took mount and flurried with GNP to get the TKO win at 1:22of round one.

Hardy AVM2 Hardy AVM3 Hardy AVM4 Hardy AVM5



3. Sam “Bam” Gilliland

Jennah Macallister vs. Sam Gilliland in a 135 lb. title fight. Round one began with the fighters working dirty boxing and knees against the cage. Macallister scored a takedown and worked GNP as Gilliland was active with submission attempts until the bell ended the round. Round two was primarily clinch work with each fighter able to turn the other and land solid strikes. Macallister scored a trip takedown and ended the round working GNP from the top. Round three had Gilliland landing several long flurries that visibly hurt Macallister, but each time Macallister was able to clinch, slow the striking and try for a takedown. Macallister off-balanced Gilliland for a takedown but Gilliland landed in back control and ended the round working GNP. The scorecards were read and the title winner by unanimous decision was Sam Gilliland.

Gilliland AVM 4 Gilliland AVM 3 Gilliland AVM 2 Gilliland AVM



4. Kris Hocum

Alonso Garcia vs. Kris Hocum in a 170 lb. professional fight. Round one was almost all fought in the clinch against the fence with each fighter being able to turn the other and each fighter scoring with knees and dirty boxing. Round two had Hocum scoring a takedown but Garcia was able to immediately scramble to standning and the rest of the round played out with the fighters clinched against the cage working knee strikes on one another. Round three had clinch work against the cage to begin then the fight hit the mat and from back control Hocum was able to set in an RNC with the tapout coming at 2:09 of round three.

Hocum AVM 2 Hocum AVM 3jpg Hocum AVM 4 Hocum AVM 5